Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21+ pop up on 3C, battery specs revealed

By | September 5, 2020

There’s still a long way until the Samsung Galaxy S21 family launches next year, supposedly in February, but the first rumors start creeping in. We already had a couple of them already and the newest leak is quite solid given that it comes from 3C.

Galaxy S21
Galaxy S21

The certification documents reveal the Galaxy S21’s and S21+’s battery capacities and model numbers. The former is with model number SM-G991 and a 3,880 mAh battery while the S21+, which is the SM-G996, gets a 4,660 mAh unit. Interestingly enough, the listings suggest that the battery won’t be manufactured by Samsung. Instead, the Chinese-based company, Ningde Amperex technology Limited will be taking the order.

Galaxy S21+Galaxy S21+

Anyway, the values shown above probably refer to the rated battery capacities meaning that the typical values would be higher. This also means that only the Plus model will be offering an upgrade over its predecessor in this regard. The Galaxy S21 retains the typical 4,000 mAh.


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