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Android 11 update is rolling out for Asus Zenfone 6

Depending on how you decide to count them, the Asus 2020 device announcements only include between two and four devices. And in fact, neither this year’s ROG Phone 3, nor the Zenfone 7 family are running Android 11 as of yet. The Taiwanese giant is being methodical about its update cycle, with Android 11 only… Read More »

2020 Winners and Losers: Huawei and Honor

2019 was particularly bad for Huawei due to obvious reasons and at least some of us thought that 2020 would. Still, against all odds, Huawei managed to stay afloat and was even able to launch some great products ranging from headphones and smartwatches to smartphones and notebooks. Huawei had a big shift in its strategy… Read More »

My top 5 phones of 2020 – Ro

My outlook on this year’s smartphone market is in stark contrast to the year as a whole. I actually feel like 2020 was a better year for smartphones than 2019, seeing technologies introduced last year rapidly evolve and mature. Just take a look at how fast we jumped from 90Hz displays to having 120Hz and… Read More »

Top 20 most popular phones in 2020

It is time to reflect on the smartphone scene as we’re sending off quite an unusual and remarkable year behind us. A lot of things happened and many of us were locked within the confinements of our own homes, having nothing but a smart device to connect to the outside world. Thankfully, the smartphone companies… Read More »

My top 5 phones of 2020 – Victor

Being knee-deep in the mobile industry on a daily basis is undoubtedly a dream job for me. For it lets me experience the latest and greatest tech. However, while far from complaining, there are certain aspects of my job I find a bit annoying. For a few years we’ve seen an avalanche of nearly-identical, bland… Read More »

Huawei’s first Kirin-powered laptop’s specs leak

A while back we heard that Huawei is working on several PCs powered by its own silicon – desktop PCs and laptops. With the company already confirming its desktop PC powered by its own HiSilicon ARM chip, we now more details about the notebook too, albeit from a leak rather than an official source. A… Read More »

Xiaomi CEO confirms Mi 11 retail box will not come with a charger

A few years ago, when Apple ditched the 3.5mm headphone jack, some Android phone makers were quick to mock the Cupertino-based tech giant’s decision, only to follow suit later on. Well, history is repeating itself. Apple launched the iPhone 12 lineup in October and removed the in-box charger and earphones citing environmental reasons. Xiaomi took… Read More »

Top 10 most popular reviews of 2020: Q3

As we wrap up the year we take a look back at the most popular reviews on our website and we are now to Q3. These are the phones everybody was most eager to learn more about in the months July through September. The third quarter of 2020 saw an interesting mix of new devices… Read More »